Immortelle Precious Cream

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Immortelle Precious Cream


A new triple-action formula with an even higher concentration of active molecules to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, boost the skin’s firmness and offer lasting anti-ageing protection. Ideal for normal to dry skin, the Immortelle Precious cream is a rich, smooth moisturiser which visibly corrects deep wrinkles and help restore firmness to the skin. The combination of organic immortelle essential oil and organic immortelle cell extracts offers: Smoother skin: Skin is more supple (91%) and looks visibly smoothed (78%)* Firmer skin: After the first week, the skin appears retightened (69%). After one month, skin seems to regain it bearing (69%)* Protected skin: Nourished and comfortable*, the skin is protected against harsh environmental elements, which are partly responsible for accelerating skin ageing. The epidermis is re-invigorated, soft and comfortable. Skin is smoother and firmer, its youthfulness is prolonged. Non comedogenic. Tolerance dermatologically tested. *Consumer test on 31 women over 4 weeks



It’s the everlasting flower - come what may, the Immortelle’s golden colors remain just as vibrant as their first bloom. Its organic essential oil is rich in active ingredients that have exceptional anti-aging properties. L’OCCITANE has been working to harvest this Corsican beauty organically and sustainably, so we can preserve its vibrancy as it preserves your youth and beauty.Discover Divine Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Now > Discover Divine Youth Oil NGAY > Immortelle Precious

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