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Skin is perfumed with a fresh and floral fragrance.Skin remains perfumed all day long.
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A field full of magnificent pink flowers, blooming in the heart of winter, sets an almost-magical olfactory scene. The most beautiful Christmas in Provence awaits ...

This Eau de Toilette reveals an exquisite scent that opens with sparkling notes of red berries, before settling into a bed of rose and peony petals.
Pulse points: Spray yourself with perfume on various pulse points for a great fragrance trail: your neck and chest area, on your wrists, behind your ears and your knees, on your hair, etc. Do not to rub your wrists together as this may break the fragrance molecules and prevent the fragrance from lasting.

Fragrance cloud: To evenly fragrance your body, spray a fragrance cloud in front of you, then step into it.

On the clothes: To perfume your clothes, spray at a distance of 10 cm.

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