Roses et Reines EDT

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Roses et Reines EDT


Roses et Reines Eau de Toilette is a fresh and velvety fragrance, a floral tale that celebrates the flower of queens. The muses that inspired this fragrance, the four daughters of the Count of Forcalquier, all cherished roses: the flowers that were said to have made them queens.

Their favorite Roses – the Grasse Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Moroccan Rose and Turkish Rose ̶ are brought together in this precious scent, enhanced by a unique Rose extract from Haute-Provence with delicate fruity notes.

The Roses et Reines collection uses Rose extract derived through enfleurage, a traditional process made innovative by the L’OCCITANE research team. The freshest of Rose petals are steeped in oil, allowing it to become saturated with the natural fragrance of the Rose, resulting in a fruitier scent. To enhance the intensity and longevity of this Rose perfume, layer with Rose et Reines Beautifying Body Milk.

Top: Bergamot, Blackcurrent Leaves
Base: Blackberry, Cedar, Musc, Heliotrope


In Provence, there once were four sisters. Their father, the count of Forcalquier, gave them each a rose to tend as they waited for true love. The sisters attracted four kings, who wrote them love letters. They signed each one with the unique fragrance of different roses, a symbol of purest love. Our rose collection is inspired by this love story, with romance and femininity for every occasion. READ MORE Rose

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