The peony is a famous flower that grows naturally around the Mediterranean Basin. Long before it became famous as an ornamental plant, as far back as Antiquity, the peony was a renowned medicinal plant. Every spring, it offers a dazzling carnival of colors and scents. This flower with a thousand petals inspired the new fragrance and makeup collection from L’OCCITANE.


To understand the fragrant secrets of this flower, L’OCCITANE established an exclusive partnership with a nurseryman, Jean-Luc Rivière – a man with a passion for peonies, whose family has been devoted to breeding and cultivating them for 160 years in the Drôme region of France. Following Mr Rivière’s advice, L’OCCITANE developed a natural extract of peony root, which perfumes all peony products.

“We’ve fallen in love with the peony in all its incarnations”
  - Jean-Luc Rivière, nurseryman in the Drôme region

Did you know ?

  • The peony reveals its beauty to whom deserves it... 5 to 7 years can pass in a nursery from the time of planting to the blossoming of the first flower, !

  • 60 flowers can blossom from a single peony. The most generous flowers can have a 30 cm diameter !

Peony Eau de Toilette
Green Floral

"The generous floral perfume of a peony blooming in the green freshness of a nursery, on a spring morning."

This Eau de Toilette captures the subtle aura of the peony flower at the height of its bloom, when its petals reveal rich floral notes with hints of green freshness. The feminine bottle evokes the delicate roundness of a peony as it comes into bloom.