Organic Cade

Cade, or wild juniper, grows wild in the scrubland of Provence. In the past, shepherds who had the secret of the Cade wood distillation used its precious oil to protect their faces and hands from wind and sun. They cut branches of wild juniper and a large fire was lit around, which caused the wood to exude a blackish oil with healing and fortifying properties. It was long used to treat animal wounds. This distillation had traditionally been a part of the sheep and goat breeding process.


The organic Cade that we use comes from one of numerous picking zones of Alps of Haute-Provence close to the village of Le Chaffaut. The trunks are cut up into small chips and then distilled to produce Cade essential oil organic certified by Ecocert.

Jean-Louis Delfour, Cade picker

Fascinated by plants and Cade, L’OCCITANE’s wood specialist, Jean-Louis wanders in Alps of Haute-Provence to locate Cade bushes hidden in the scrubland. With his expert eye, he easily finds and picks it for L’Occitane.

"Cade reminds me my childhood when my father worked on it in his workshop, in Thiers and I could smell all around this particular wood. 

Patented effectiveness

L’OCCITANE has developed a patented complex that meets the specific needs of men’s skin: besides its purifying and invigorating properties it helps to strengthen, regenerate and protect the skin.

Did you know ?

The harvesting of cade contributes to the upkeep of the land and the prevention of fires. Indeed, cade is a shrub whose rapid growth can be detrimental to other plant species and can also increase the risk of forest fires.