Otherwise known as "blue gold", lavender is an aromatic tribute to Provence. It is the fragrant soul of the region, the fruit of respectful labor. In accordance with tradition, every summer, young Provençal villagers go hiking on the sunny hills to pick Lavender at a high altitude. During the harvest period, they set out for several days in the open air, and at night, they get together to share the secrets of the summer plants with their relaxing and purifying properties.

In Provence, it is fine lavender, Lavandula angustifolia, which yields the best essential oil, renowned for its delicate perfume. It is very different from the Lavandin perfume, with camphor notes.


We source our essential oil directly from farmers' cooperatives in Sault and the surrounding area. We purchase almost 50% of the total production of P.D.O. fine lavender from Haute-Provence.

In the village of Sault, at an altitude of almost 1,000 meters, Fabrice Fournel, vice president of the Simiane-la-Rotonde cooperative, works as a lavender farmer. "The first day," says Fabrice, "the smell of the flowers is so strong, it makes us dizzy." Working with his associate, Jérôme, and his parents, he goes from one row of lavender to the next, cutting the stems, then uses a fork to lay them out in the sun so that they can dry for a day or 2 before being taken to the distillery.

Did you know ?

The P.D.O. label was created to protect French products in the face of competition from foreign sources. It guarantees a very high-quality product.

It is important not to confuse fine lavender with lavandin, which is a hybrid made by crossing lavandula officinalis with spike lavender, and which yields an essence used mainly for products that are mass produced on an industrial scale (e.g. cleaning products, washing powder, mass-produced beauty products).