L'Occitane en Provence

L'OCCITANE Foundation

In 2006 the L'OCCITANE Foundation was founded with three primary missions:

  • Support organizations in the field of sensory handicaps, in France and abroad.
  • To safeguard the ""knowledge of nature"" in Provence.
  • Support projects of economic development led by women in developing societies.

Within this framework, the Foundation will organize actions allowing it to promote, support, implement and develop projects that:


  • Give a better quality of life to the people affected by sensory deficiencies: help their professional efforts, prevention, access to care and training.
  • Develop the autonomy of women managing projects of economic development in developing countries.
  • Support actions aiding in the preservation of the ""knowledge of nature"" in Provence.


Please visit our Foundation's website at foundation.loccitane.com.