Green Tea

From the plantation to the cup, tea crosses the seas and continents to reach the shores of the Mediterranean. From Morocco to Provence, it is drunk to quench the thirst, "straight" or with mint or flowers, according to desires and customs.During the hottest hours of the day, it is such a relief to be able to relax in a shaded garden! While enjoying the fresh mist of the nearby fountain and sipping tea, you can literally taste life's sweetness...

Green Tea Eau de Toilette

A smooth freshness that invites you to enjoy simple pleasures from a faraway land.

Fresh and invigorating, this Eau de Toilette reveals the subtlety of green tea, combined with citrus notes.

Did you know ?

All tea leaves (white, green, black, etc.) come from the same tree. It is the different drying methods and fermentation times, after the leaves are harvested, which are responsible for differences in appearance and taste.