Fleur Chérie

Fleur Chérie, which translates to "cherished flower" , pays homage to the orange blossom, a symbol of the Mediterranean, and Neroli. Its floral water, rich in benefits, is a precious companion for every family: it welcomes guests with its luminous scent, softens the skin, and promises nights of peaceful slumber. Orange blossom also yields a precious essence with a captivating scent.

Olivier Baussan pays tribute to the beauty of orange blossom through a truly delicate and refined design. Both modern and retro, it combines simplicity with abundance, and celebrates these small white flowers, so cherished in the Mediterranean.

Did you know?

Neroli  was named after the princess of Nerola, a woman ahead of her time who loved all things beautiful, and who was famous for her fragrant, orange-blossom aura...

The fragrance collection pays homage to the sweet, delicate scent of orange blossom, in a sparkling, airy, floral fragrance and lingering woody notes.

To create the makeup collection, L’OCCITANE draws inspiration from the fashionable attire of this princess who loved the scent of orange blossom. Stunning shades reveal shimmering reflections and velvet effects, while powders with satiny textures are adorned with a delicate, lace-like, floral motif.

Most of the products in the makeup collection are subtly perfumed with the sparkling, floral notes of Fleur Chérie and contain an orange blossom extract with softening properties.